Michaelangelo’s work is fantastic of realism, painting, sketching, and sculpting.he even painted the sistine chapal on his back. However he didn’t like the way the priests the ideas of the work he was paid to do, however wrecked it and redid it for free.by creating men on earth almost touching connecting to God and His angels about. Shadowing his my work is so that it is almost like it there real people hanging on the roof. However such a framework and position will not last because of the paints that Michelangelo used is old so it makes it difficult to recreate the same color palette from almost hundred years ago till now. Also only pacific artist are hired to repaint Michelangelo’s work however will never be as good as the original.


Van Gogh Starry Night

             Van Gogh’s one of his numerous famous pieces is the starry night. The way he is is flying line and movement which will create a sleepy and derry atmosphere. his pieces the very known for of this type of work. by creating interesting and beautiful ways of life andand movement. Van Goghost is truly one of the great artists like Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raffaele in history.

Sream 5 Cancelled

Well this is a bummer, scream 5 has been canceled due to the lack of profit of scream 4. The director has finally decided to cancel screen 5 because the part margin did not even increase in fact they actually lost more money than making the movie.so to finally end scream.They will not make any movies sequence to the scream, only if they made enough money they probably go back on doing scream 5 but in the meanwhile to bad for the movie lovers.


Nosferatu is the ultimate first vampire movies that has been even created in motion pictures. Based on the book of Bram Stoker,the movie captured under the details inside but  the movie capturing every, well not every the details and emotion of each character. and the movie try to create a horrible sence towards a situation of each part of the movie by using orchestras and depressing music so once you see it it will create a some kind of atmosphere of something terrible is going to happen. including the relationship of the counter and his lovely young wife, which Count Dracula wants her for himself.

A City of Angels

As an angel, one of his charges was dyined and supposed to take him back to heaven. He ran to the beautiful  doctor that was tring to save his cage of dying.  He fell in love with her but as an angel and a human would never mix. He secretly disobeyed God’s laws and follow her rear her thoughts, followed her, and did the most ultimate crime he talked to her by using his his power he was able to make himself visible only to her but was he never able to feel, touch, or taste. Has he found another human, that was once an angel himself, way for him to make himself human. It became tragic the female doctor died at the time all of the other angels knew that she will die soon and didn’t tell him.

A Walk to Remember movie

When the popular boy got into trouble and has to be tutor into a different middle school he to ran into the most religious shy girl on the planet. No one ever expects that he will fall in love with her fall. In love with her ways that nobody even noticed about her. A love that makes her very interesting girl. Maybe to interesting, later he found out that she has cancer and that that she only has a few months of living. Thinking that he will leave her, but instead supported her,  and being with her, making memories with as the time goes by, and making her budget list that she made since she got cancer. A memory that will never be forgotten for him or her.

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump grew up in a special kind of way. He wasn’t able to walk at first but since he got legs brace he was able to walk for the first time in his life after that for being a slight of the educautional functions. He was able to experience more things than the average person would never do like going to war running cross country, finding himself, being surrounded by good friends family and loved ones. And throughout his journey and all of this success, he will always think of one person that was always important in his life which was his girl, Jenny. Forrest Gump is one of the  beautiful, remarkable movie that has been made for a life time.