Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test(Blog#12)


Extravert(33%)  iNtuitive(12%)  Thinking(1%)  Perceiving(6%)

You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (33%)

You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (12%)

You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)

You have slight preference of Perceiving over Judging (6%)

Generally, ENTPs build successful careers in areas requiring intensive intellectual efforts, calling for creative approach and presenting intellectual challenge. Because of the characteristics mentioned above, ENTPs are often found in research, development and analytical departments. ENTPs often make a very successful career in academia thanks to their strong and versatile way of thinking along with great erudition.

Jung Career Indicator™ determines occupations and areas in which ENTPs find themselves most fulfilled and content, are most successful, and therefore are most represented in. Based on your personality type, the following is a list of the most suitable areas of occupations along with some examples of educational institutions, where you can receive a relevant degree or training.

I am very satisfied with the result because I already studying to become a teacher in the first place.


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