Critical Friends(Blog#13)

  • Why is it important for the writer to remain silent while feedback is given?
  • How does the teacher show students how to give helpful feedback?
  • Why does the teacher have students use Google Docs?
  • What is the overall objective of this editing process?
  • Reflect on how you can engage the same revision process with your peer edits.
  • Do you think this is an effective peer review process?

Its important for the writer to silent while the feedback because the writer can listen in what the reader saying about he/her work. By having a conversation of the write’s strong and weak points in the writing. Also, using Google docs to share the essay to the editor and to leave comments of the paper. The overall of this objective is show that a student’s text is some what different from another. What my editor just simply showed my errors of my work and we never really had an conversation about it. Its is effective method because it will help the writer to see their mistakes they have made and to be more careful with their word choice and prevent the same mistakes in their other writing assignments.


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