What Kind of Student Are You?(Blog#21)

What Kind of Student Are You?

You are doing pretty well.

Keep looking for ways to do even better.

What’s Your Learning Style? The Results

Your Scores:
  • Auditory: 30%
  • Visual: 40%
  • Tactile: 30%

Great Job!

Based on your responses, your study habits are already very good.

You already have great study skills, so any improvements you make will only lead to more success. Want to aim for the best study habits possible? The ultimate goal would be for all of your responses to appear in the “Already Do” column.

I’m a somewhat good student. I always tried my best of keeping up with the class and my work. This isn’t a way to go though life. I worked by studying so I can have a better life then my family. I am here to get what I want in life even if I have to study so hard that I will go mad for it.


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