Public Flogging (Blog#35) BLOG#2

Public Flogging…….. I had had stubble a cross this topic a while back in my comp 1 teacher. Its interesting how things were totally different than and now. If you don’t know what I am talking about let me explain. Public Flogging is short for Public Punishment for a crime that a person did in front of the public eyes. If you seen movies or television’s show that people are getting hanged, being wiped on the back, or being thrown food at while being hand and head cuffed helpless to protect themselves. That is Public Flogging… well three out of fifteen punishments. How ever, now we have jail and courts for people that can have a to go in jury to be civilized people. but, back then if a person just steal well they will be in hand cuffed to a poll without food or water. Today if a person went to a killing spree the courts will only give him a few years in prison then gets out with ease. Back then they will do the total opposite, they will give the max punishment, Death. People in generally will like prison for criminals that is doing time in a cell box. But, others will disagree before they, or we are paying for their food, t.v., and medical care for them for free. Which for me, at the time, I thought why not do both public flogging and the right to take trail. Do the jury commit a crime set which punishment is percent for the crime and set to the public to see the punishment.

People may say “what about the children? you think is good to see a grown person getting spank in front of them?” Well if your one of them, its you’re opinion, yes because we will teach them the punishment of doing a crime. Just like they were smaller people will teach right from wrong and think if I am older I will do this and that and not have to be responsible for my actions. What they will see they will not do when they are older. Today, children are learning faster then we did when we were younger. They know things that a normal 5 years won’t even know when we are 5. Times are changing and well we are growing soft to the next generation and  if we don’t have a hard fist the generation is doom to fail.

Well that’s my Opinion anyway.


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