4th of July

Fourth of July

Fourth of July 1774, marked this land Free, and the people to have Freedom! Freedom from the British, freedom of religion, freedom to be oneself, freedom to live happy, However, what is Freedom? Freedom is not enslaved, freedom is not government, and freedom is not corrupted, freedom is not hypocrite. That is some people view the fourth of July.

Today, The United States is under whelmed. Debts here and there, wars in every corner, immigrates crossing over illegally, and scandals about the elections and people. Is this “freedom”, taxing hard working people to pay back the country, people lying to get money to spend on themselves then on others, drugs coming and going in the country, selling, killing people of the America. Now, Freedom is just a word that the government used to control the public’s mind.  History stated all past events, what happened and the outcome of all those events. We learned this when we are in school so we cannot repeat it. To think of another way, instead what people thought of in the past for now? All the pain of American people has been though just to make the land free. Many people died or got scars from their experience by making this land that we are now sitting, standing free. Some people thought freedom is bright; however, slaves thought they were hypocrites. Only they are free white men, white women, and white children. The black slaves are not free. Even though they are human, they will never be free. Then people viewed Freedom was limited to certain people in this land.

Time passed, things change, facts fade, meaning of words been rewritten, the world is complained then it was before. FREEDOM did change for the great good or worst.


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