Deck the ……. Nah!

Its beginning to look a lot like …..winter-ish? I know it December 1, but not all about Christmas. I’m a Grinch, or so I have been told by my nieces and nephews, when this time comes around. However, I never been into the Christmas spirit until I am in a good and clam relaxing mood. But with Santa here and there, list of 20 people  presents for him or her, wrapping more the 30 gifts,  parties, work, classes, the corals, and the hot coffee, hot chocolate, decorate the house inside and out, the annoying movies of Christmas with the Kranks, jiggle all the way, deck the halls(sorry for those who likes these movie I have mention)  screaming family members in your ear “Be more Merry!” It can be over whelming, and I am only a college student with no job, people will think  I have it easy, I agree at times, but would a normal 20 year old would have gray hair and acts like a parent of two small children and looks like one. Though all of that what the out come? I like Christmas, … when everything is clam and relaxing! Also living in the Southern Texas the weather is basically bipolar. Its never stay the same temp more then two to three days. And when thing finally clam down its the 25th of December.


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