Inequality: Is it a Necessary

Today inequality is so impact than any other country in history.  What is inequality? the condition of being unequal; lack of equality; disparity. In other words, people today with different background and income have a very different percentage on; money, power, freedom, education, jobs, and happiness.

Defend the concept of weather we all have an equal opportunity to succeed in life? By having an equality for everyone and will be great because we won’t have to downsize another person by their background, between the poor and the rich, well educated with that by the uneducated and have similar qualities as each other however its kind of a bad way because people need each other and other people have talent or skill that another person doesn’t have but if they do have the same level of quality no one will want to do the work labor of the work.

Why inequality in the U.S.A. today so high? the main reason why inequality is so high then is  any other country is because of money and power. the richer a person is the power they are. power has consumed the idea of equality, by greed that its part of people mind set. its human nature.  for example, the president of Uruguay is better known as the poorest president in his own county. because he has donated 90% of his salary of his term as president. However, President Obama’s salary per term is 1, 580,000. and the public have no information what he does with his money. The United States ” the independent country” is in debt with China for years and still the U.S. has not paid them off. But, still make profit by buying their resources and selling them here in America.

U.S.A. is doing less than other countries to reduce poverty and homelessness, why? the United states tried to reduce the percentage of proverty and homelessness. However when Obama took office the percentage has increased.

Is inequality ever beneficial to a society? why or why not? Inequality is beneficial for some reasons. Like through different types of intelligence, one person can be well educated Harvard degree and yet doesn’t know how to build or construct a household or a piece of furniture and then another person can be a drop out of high school no degree plan whatsoever and can  construct and design a two story house.

Why do the rich get richer and the poor get prison? Taxes, the rich only gets tax one percent. While other classes paid at least thirty percent. By not getting taxes so much, the fat cats make donation and charity work. Giving a small percentage to the government and receive double the money. The poor are in prison because some people lie to the government to receive money to better themselves. Poor people will do crime to get what they want and they will lie, cheat, and steal for something they need


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