The Diary of a Young Girl

     In World War 2 when the mountains with killing innocent Jews and putting them to camp Anne Frank’s family and some friends hid for few years. Until the gramanmen came and took her way and her sister turn your family way. And the sad thing is that she wasn’t able to have a normal child hood instead she she was always worred of being found then being taken or so they think.


Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens famous of this work for the Christmas Carol. He also wrote another famous poetry of Oliver Twist about a little boy who is an orphan asking for the cook for more soup and end up having his head cut off. back then when they have numerous orphans and a lot of homeless people women going to positution and males working in the land, while  young girls and boys were forced into orphans home but only have little or nothing  of food at all. like seriously Charles Dickens decide to write about orphan boy actually had the courage to stand up from numerous of kids to walk in front of the chef and the service to ask a little bit more food which more less than of a glass of water amount. However the little boy shocked the chef and the servant that they end up having him beheaded from the headmaster of the place.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

This book is a powerful twisted story of a popular doctor that went derange of an Chemical. I like this story because it’s captures the events of the Dr. Jekyll change into Mr. Hyde. In other words, in the greats of man there is always a beast that is waiting to come out and take vengeance to the world.

Charlie Chaplin

       Charlie Chaplin was a star from his time. Although his is a star of wacky short films that he hit others, throw pie, and runs away from a wacky disaster he caused. But not only he did wacky movies but was serious man in person. He has written poems and Strongs essays.  A man with many talents.

Brownsville Texas

Brownsville Texas is one of many cities that make one  valley. Living have is fine, the weather is some what bipolar at time especially at spring. Also it’s so close to the border of Mexico we have easy access of going and coming from there. As well the island that is open for the public on the summer’s time to the beach and the waterpark. Despite the increased of crime, Brownsville is old timely. People still open door for another person, and have manners. And some people think it’s strange that people still have manners at the time when we have problems.

Out with the Old, In to the New

It was only continue with new phrase that we’re going to hear in a few couple weeks. Just like the old TV shows used to watching Saturday morning that we wake up in the very early. Since ti e changed  and TV shows has to go with the flow with the new generation wants. But somehow I am able to show them the classic cartoons which they like better then the  new shows. Also, some of them are educational and showed vales in life and at the same time it’s silly to watch.

FIghts, Fights, and FIghts!

Ever wonder why little kids fight? To wants some thing or do what they want to do. And they never seem to get along wither family members or friends. Little children are difficult to be with, but not even if your with them to stop the fighting. No matter how hard you try they will find a way to fight with each other.